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LGM Hoist as detachment company of LG Hoist (LG Industrial Systems) with the advanced technology systems. LGM are licensed by Mitsubishi Hoist (Mitsubishi FA Industrial Corp. Japan).
LG Hoist, Korea
SAMSUNG Hoist (Gyeounggi-Do, Korea) is leading company in hoisting and material handling technology in the world. Advanced technology based on emphasizing and continuous research & development.
SAMSUNG Hoist, Korea
INDOTARA is number 1 Hoist and Crane fabricator in Indonesia. We always do a continuous reasearch and development in crane structuring to be able to produce high performance cranes.
Hoist Crane Fabricator
Taiwan Winch is a highly reputed manufacturer of heavy duty electric winchs. Base on strict R&D we have designed most advance heavy duty electric winchs.
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Indotara Crane Fabricator


Hoist crane Implementation must consider various aspects, the most important is the experience of hoist  vendor. Vendors must be experienced, understand your needs, after-sales service and skilled technicians.

INDOTARA had experience in Hoist Crane implementation in various national and multi-national companies. Years of experience makes INDOTARA a key partner for any company that wants to implement a hoist crane. INDOTARA have various types of hoist cranes that can be tailored to your company's needs.

What the key benefit you will get from our crane is : a very stable crane, reasonably low initial investment, very low operating cost, less maintenance. All because it's been engineered by decades of experience and R&D ...... (Read More)