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Main Body

Part No. Rating Kg/m
PX3050 3P 600V 50A 0.73
PX3080 3P 600V 80A 0.85
PX3120 3P 600V 120A 1.20
PX3150 3P 600V 150A 1.38

Part No. Rating Kg/m
PX4050 4P 600V 50A 0.89
PX4080 4P 600V 80A 1.07
PX4120 4P 600V 120A 1.50
PX4150 4P 600V 150A 1.75

Part No. Rating Kg/m
PX6050 6P 600V 50A 1.58
PX6080 6P 600V 80A 1.63

Cross Sectional Dimension & Properties
  1. Rating : 3P, 4P, 6P; 600V; 50A ~ 150A.
  2. Conductor Material : OFC 99.99% fine   copper.
  3. Insulator : Rigid PVC (Heat Resistance 75°C) Orange (Hazard Color), Munsell 2.5YR6/13.
  4. Installation Method : Tension type.
  5. Available Length : Continuous up to 1000m
  6. Max. Radius Bending : 800mm.
  7. Max. Conducting Speed : 300 m/min.
  8. Suitable for vertical installations * Indoor use only.


POWERFLUX safety power rails are electrical conductors of various profiles that are used to provide electrical potential to moving systems along a path of travel which have 3-6 poles power terminals. POWERFLUX safety power rails are available or a current load from 50A up to 150A mobile electrification technology for moving transportation vehicles and equipment. Common application include : manufacturing robots, material handling systems, hoist and cranes, automated storage facilities and retrieval systems. POWERFLUX safety power rails are available in variety of configuration depending on applications requirements. Enclosed conductor systems typically enclosed conductors in a protective conduit meeting safety standard. POWER CALCULATION (1) Determine the motor load current by calculation based on the nameplate, catalogue, indoor wiring regulations, and other pertinent regulations. For a general estimation, assume 4A per 1Kw at 200V (2) If the demand factor, power factor and other relevant values are known, use them to correct the calculation for the load current. Also, try to select the most cost-effective setup, taking such points as additional power installation into consideration. (3) for an overhead traveling crane, you may use the following equation for calculation :


When the installed wiring is very long, voltage drops affect the motor and other loads positioned far from the power supply. If the voltage drop is too extreme (according to calculation of rop at the farthest point from the power supply when the total load current is applied), the rated current on the wiring should be raised by one step, or the power supply points should be changed or increased in number. The voltage drop in between the distribution board and the power supply points should also be taken into account. VOLTAGE DROP CALCULATION EQUATION (three phase, three wire) :

E = √3 * I * Z * L

Where “I” is total rated load current (A), “Z” is impedance (Ω/m), and “L” is line length (m).

** For example 50A rated current will be installed for 90m, the drop voltage will be 5V as shown on the chart.

** Generally for more than 100m installation, use middle power feed to minimize the drop voltage effect.