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Standard headroom monorail design enables the hoist to operate directly under and parallel with the crane or runway beam. The hoist is suspended via drive trolley. Application in single girder cranes where space is not an issue. Standard hoist includes: el. equipment; two speeds of lifting and travelling; all motors with brakes; load limiter; end switches; galvanized rope; hook.

The main Podem crane kits features are reliability, safety and attractive cost effectiveness intended to crane manufacturers or crane service providers. Podemcrane is clearly the biggest hoist manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe and has remained one of the most progressive companies in the industry. We are designing reliable products reflecting our customers individual needs. We have experienced engineers who make sure our production is efficient and well controlled. Product testing and quality control remain of great importance. Our production factory spreads on a territory of 30.000 sq.m.

All our products meet the European Union health and safety requirements in compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/E


jual wire rope hoist podem
Model M740
Rope Falls 4/1
Capacity (kg) kg 16000
Groups FEM 2 m
Lifting Speed m/min V1 4/1,3
V2 6/0,9
Lifting Height
m H0 6,5
H1 9
H2 12,5
H3 16

Normal Headroom Hoist
M Series, 2 rope falls (reeving 4/1)

Spesifikasi Wire Rope Hoist Foot Mounted

Hoist Type Capacity (Ton) Rope (mm) Hook Travel (m) Fixed Dimension (mm) Variable Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
C H a b d e f1 f2 g h l q r s u (V1) u (V2) x y
M740 16 ø 15 7 1600 771 410 358 550 122 250 282 50 176 553 37 70 299 674 512 22 45 990
16 ø 15 9 1600 771 410 358 550 122 250 282 50 176 713 117 36 299 674 512 22 45 1160
16 ø 15 13 1600 771 410 358 550 122 250 282 50 176 928 224 -18 299 674 512 22 45 1330
16 ø 15 16 1600 771 410 358 550 122 250 282 50 176 1143 332 -72 299 674 512 22 45 1515

Dimensions are for hoists with FEM 2m/ISO M5, for 3m/M6 see table MT2-3m.
All dimensions are referred to "Standard Products", for all other products please contact Podem for GA drawing.

Spesifikasi Wire Rope Hoist Foot Mounted

Hoist Type
Capacity (t)
Hook Travel (m) Hook Position Reactions (kg)
R1 R2
M740 16 7 uep 6930 9070
16 7 dep 10024 5976
16 9 uep 5374 10626
16 9 dep 8808 7192
16 13 uep 4138 11862
16 13 dep 7690 8310
16 16 uep 3354 12646
16 16 dep 6992 9008

uep – Upper end position of the hook.
dep – Down end position of the hook.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Podem’s wire rope hoist range provides solutions for cranes and replacement applications. There are two series M and MT from 0.8 to 50 t, covering the light, medium and heavy operation modes. A wide range of lifting speeds and lifting heights is available.

Lifting reducer
Planetary gearboxes (2 or 3 stages) developed specially for lifting mechanism offers high reliability and compact size, many options for lifting speeds and low noise level (79-82dB). Lubricated for life for minimum maintenance.
Self breaking lifting motor
3 phase asynchronous electric motors with cylindrical rotor and build-in DC disc brake are available for single or dual speed option. Single polarity motor allows inverter control for smooth acceleration and deceleration of lifting speed.
Wire rope guide
The rope guide consists of three parts: the guide ring, pressure spring and rollers. The pressure spring ensures that the rope sits correctly into the drum groove whilst the guide ring always maintains the rope in the correct position.
Over-load limiter
Dynamometric pin overload limiter. It is optional with many extra features: Load spectrum/ measuring device, lifting calculation etc. All hoists are endowed with overload limiter are with 2 reaction thresholds.
The Body
Stable construction provides reliable and precise operation of the whole mechanism. Precision body component assembling and high quality and controlled welding. Processing of the body on one place.
Control panel
Every hoist is equipped with high quality full-set control panel. Any special requirement (wireless push button, inverters) can be included under request.

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