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Flexo Cable For Hoist Crane

These PVC+RUBBER - insulated flat flexible cables are used for installation as power and control cables tracks and carries, transport system, tool machinery, in particular for hoisting equipment, crane and container bridges and in all circumstances in which the cable is subjected to severe bending and contionous movement in are not suitbale for outdoor applications or ambient air temperatures below 0c or above+40cc.

Cable Design
  • Construction designed according to VDE 0281 part 403 aand part 404.
  • Construction of conductor : according to VDE 0295 Class 5 and Conductor IEC 228 Class 5 insulation:Core insulation of PVC, compound type T12 according to VDE 0270 part 4.
  • Core identification: according to VDE 0293,single colour up to 5 cores, black cores with sequential numbering imprint in white for 6 or more cores.
  • Protective earth: conductor green-yellow.
  • Core configuration : cores parallel and adjacent.
  • Sheath : Sheath materialof PVC, Compound type TM2 according to VDE 0207 part 5 Sheath wall thickness according to the table3, colums 8 to 10 in VDE 0281 Part 403 and part 404.
  • Sheath colour : black as the preferred colour or grey -Single Layer sheath.
  • Jacket is Oil resistant and flame retardant.

Technical Data
Conductor resistance : According to VDE 0295 Class 5
: IEC at 20c 228 Class 5 for flexible conductors
Temperature at the conductor max : +70 c in operation
: +150c in the event of a short circuit
Insulation resistance at 20c min : 20 MW-km
Rated voltage : H07VVH6 U0/U (450/750 V)
Test voltage AC, 50 Hz : H07VVH6 (3000V)
Temperature range : Mobile = -5C to + 70C
: Fixed = -40C to + 70c
Radiation resistance : 8 Mrad (80x 106 cJ/Kg)
PVC characteristics : self-extinguishing and flame-reterdant
Bending radius : 10x cable thickness
Flame Test : Class B according to VDE 0472 part 804
: IEC 332-1
Testing according to DIN VDE 0472 and IEC regulation

Characteristic Feature
  • The reduced dimension means that these flat flexible cables are space-saving compared to around flexibe cables.
  • The cables must be rolled up and suspenden such that no twisting or kinks accur.
  • The cables should be freely suspended, secured at one end,in the lift shaft for several days before being instlled.
  • These should be no sharp edges in the lift shaft behind the moved cables such as support between front and rear side of multiple-lift shafts which could damage the cables.
  • Chemical resistance properties of PVC-refer also to the Tbale of Technical Guidelines.
Pendant Type Strain Wires No. Of conductors nominacross section Approx.Total width mm Approx.Distance Between Strain Wires mm Approx.Outside Diameter mm Copper weight kg/km
SVVT 3X1,5 15.10 - 09.80 43.24
SVVT 5X1,5 14.30 - 10.50 72.08
SVVT 8X1,5 16.30 - 12.50 155.30
SVVT 10X1,5 18.10 - 14.30 144.16
MTTY 12X1,5 26.20 21.00 16.90 173.00
MTTY 16X1,5 28.00 21.30 17.90 230.66
MTTY 20X1,5 20.20 24.00 20.10 288.33

Suitable for outdoor use and as self-supporting shaft cable.these special cable with lateral suspension strands used to remote control of overhead cranes from push button boxes.

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