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10 to 2000 Kva
(3Ph in / 3Ph Out)
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Arakawa NCX series electronic voltage regulator consists of compensation circuit, voltage regulating circuit, control circuit, input sampling circuit, output sampling circuit, protection circuit and bypass circuit.

It has a simple structure which has no servo, chain, and gear transmission sistem. Its mechanical fault is zero so it is maintenance-free for a long time.

The main circuit, wich adopts multiple compensation transformer combination, can achieve stable voltage by contactless switch of thyristor and completely avoid the maintanance of brush wear as well as high frequency interference cause by brush contact spark.

Therefore, it has long service life more than 100,000 MTBF hours.
Arakawa NCX series electronic voltage regulator are suitable for a wide range of applications such as IT servers, telecommunications, commercial business, light industry, heavy industry, medical laboratory, etc.

NCX series adopt power electronics technology and semiconductor devices has lot of advantages such as high efficiency, well control performance, small size, light weight and reliability.

Todays main direction of big power voltage stabilizer is to upgrade the voltage stabilizer with power electronics technology.

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NCX series voltage stabilizer is combined with :
  • Compensation Circuit
  • Voltge Regulation Circuit
  • Controlling Circuit
  • Input Sampling Circuit
  • Output Sampling Circuit
  • Output Controling Circuit
  • Protection Circuit
  • Bypass Circuit

The working process is when input voltage or load changes, obtains feedback voltage from every sampling circuit, compares and judges with standard volatge, then controlling circuit outputs controlling signal, controls, the thyristor in regulation circuit to conduct, makes the compensation circuit generate different polar and voltages to compensate, it realizes outputting voltage reliably.

At the same time, the controlling circuit controls the protection circuit and output controlling circuit to make corresponding moves.

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Arakawa has been researching and developing power Stabilizer technologies for critical applications, worldwide and for many years. Arakawa solutions are flexible, offering the highest levels of availability, whilst achieving low total cost of ownership.
Arakawa Power Stabilizer are designed for ease of installation and maintanance, with simple but secure wiring system. Excellent Voltage Stability will be our assurance, guaranteed by Arakawa's advanced R&D on voltage stabilizing technology. NCX Series technology are extra fast response ess than 40ms provide you excellent voltage stability which you can't get from common type stabilizer.
NCX Series construction switches the tapping of auto-transformer by controlling the on and off double-direction-SCR, therebly changes the compensated voltage and polar of compensation transformer in order to output voltage reliably.

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NCX series are the highest level of voltage stabilizer technology available today. NCX series is the result of more than 10 years research to reduce the disadvantages of the traditional stabilizer (servo type, magnetism compensated type, oil immersed type, parameter type, etc). By applying NCX series the advantages is :
Exremely fast regulation (Automatic)
It just need 40ms to stable the output voltage which servo type stabilizer need 7 second to complete the regulation.
Contactless Technology
The regulation are without carbon brush friction and servo motor operation. 80% faults of the carbon brush stabilizer are resulted in by the servomotor drive and carbon brush.
Maintanance Free
No regullar maintanance needed. No consumales. It can run without maintanance for 100,000 MTBF hours.
Three Separated Regulation
It apply separated regulation for eachphase and adaption to the three phase unbalance load. Traditional stabilizers adopt joined regulation that cause big power loss for compensation.
Highest Efficiency
The efficiency can reach 99%. The highest efficiency of traditional stabilizers are below 96%.
High Quality Purified Power
The efficiency can reach more than 96%. The highest efficiency of traditional contact type stabilizer are below 96%.
High Quality Purefied Power
Regulation process without wave-distorsion and power-off which is applied to computer and precision electronic equipment.
With Lightning-Proof and wave-filter function, deresses surge and filter harmonic waves.

NCX-2000KVA Contactless

NCX-2000KVA Contactless

Model : NCX-2000KVA
: 2000KVA
Rated current : 3038A
Input Voltage : 266-494V
Output Voltage : 380 Standard
Frequency : 50/60Hz
Weight : 3100Kg
Dimension (mm) : 1100x1000x2200
Best Price
Rp. 0,-

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  • Arakawa automatic voltage stabilizer NCX Ultra Fast Response

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa adalah AVR dengan response time tercepat kurang dari 40 ms.

  • Arakawa automatic voltage stabilizer NCX Maintenance Free

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa dengan teknologi terbaru yang maintenance free yang memudahkan anda.

  • Arakawa automatic voltage stabilizer NCX No Consumables

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa tidak memerlukan consumables parts sama sekali. Irit biaya.

  • Arakawa automatic voltage stabilizer NCX Ultra Durable

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa memiliki kehandalan yg sangat tinggi yaitu 100,000 MTBF hours.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator High Accuracy Output Voltage

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa adalah AVR dengan akurasi voltage terbaik yang ada saat ini.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator Smart Digital Controller

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa mudah dioperasikan dgn kontroller digital dengan menu2 yang interaktif.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator Smart Micro Processor Controller

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa dengan smart micro processor controller utk kinerja & efisiensi tinggi.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator Turbo Fan Cooler

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa menggunakan turbo fan cooler untuk pembuangan panas yang optimal.

  • Arakawa PDX Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Servo Motor

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa tidak menggunakan motor servo sebagai penggerak carbon brush.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator 98 Percent efficiency

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa adalah AVR dengan effisiensi terbaik diatas 98% terbaik dipasaran.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator Castor Wheeled

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa dengan roda castor agar mudah dipindahkan ke manapun anda inginkan.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator Contactless AVR Technology

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa dengan teknologi terkini contactless yang dipatenkan Arakawa.

  • Arakawa UPS Genset Friendly

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa memiliki range voltage & frekuensi yang besar sehingga genset friendly.

  • Arakawa UPS AVR Function

    Stabilizer Arakawa dengan fungsi regulating secara otomatis untuk under/over voltage.

  • Arakawa voltage stabilizer FS 2KVA Wide Voltage Tolerance

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa dengan rentang voltage yang lebar 160 - 250V sangat fleksibel.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator FS High Efficiency

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa efisiensi tinggi sehinggadaya yang dibutuhkan sangat kecil.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator FS 5 years warranty

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa adalah stabilizer yang memberikan garansi paling lama : 5 Tahun.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator FS Fine copper transformer

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa dengan transformer yg terbuat dari tembaga kualitas tinggi.

  • Arakawa UPS Temperature Control

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa mampu bekerja dengan menghasilkan panas dengan sangat minim.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator FS adapted to Indonesia electricity

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa sudah disesuaikan dgn listrik PLN sehingga bisa bekerja dgn maksimal.

NCX Advantage

Carilah yang : tahan lama, output voltage stabil, bergaransi lama, suku cadang terjamin, after sales terjamin.
Sebuah stabilizer harus bisa dipakai terus menerus karena didukung oleh penujual yang bertanggung jawab.

Stabilizer Arakawa sangat cocok digunakan di rumah, toko, kantor, pabrik, rumah sakit, data center, supermarket, pabrik, POM Bensin, alat Telekomunikasi, bandara, perbankan, pelabuhan, dll. Bisa bekerja dari 10% - 50% voltage range sesuai yang anda butuhkan.

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