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Masterpac Compaction Equipment

Jual Portable Eccentric Concrete Vibrator - Masterpac

  • Heavy-duty design provides for high durability on the jobsite.
  • Strong plastic housing with double insulation and water-proof protection.
  • Oversized motor, with reinforced cable against bending.
  • Dust and waterproof on-off switch eliminates burnout and damage.
  • IP44 protection against splashes and access.
  • Lightweight, but rugged unit preferred by operators.
  • Motor airflow from rear to front prevents dust buidup that would otherwise cause motor damage.
  • Self-disconnecting carbon brushes, easy to replace.
  • Filter in air inlet, easy to access and replace.

Product Detail

Working Size (mm)

Model PVE15
Power Input kw 1.5
Voltage Volts 115/230
Frequency Hz 50
Phase single
Unloaded Speed r/min 18000
Weight kg(lb) 5(11)
Connection to flexible shaft Hexagonal Socket
Model PVE25
Power Input kw 2.3(3.1)
Current A 13/10
Voltage Volts 115/230
Frequency Hz 50/60
Phase single
Unloaded Speed r/min 17500
Weight kg(lb) 5.5(12)
Connection to flexible shaft Hexagonal Socket/Pin

Technical Specification

Casing Assy (Flexible shaft inside)
Model Length m(ft) Weight kg(lb) Correspondent td
VEF2710 1(3.3) 2.2(4.9) PVK38/PVK45/PVK50
VEF2720 2(6.6) 3.8(8.4)
VEF2730 3(9.8) 5.5(12.1)
VEF2740 4(13.1) 7.1(15.7)
VEF2750 5(16.4) 8.7(19.2)
VEF2760 6(19.7) 10.4(22.9)
Poker Head
Model PVK28 PVK32 PVK38 PVK45 PVK50
Dia × Length mm 28×10 32×250 38×248 45×381 50×395
Weight kg(lb) 0.60 0.95 7.1(15.7) 8.8(19.4) 9.6(21.2)
Centrifugal Force kN 0.7 0.8 1.38 3.1 3.7
Vibrator Amplitude mm 1 1 1 1.4 1.5
Frequency vpm 12000-13000
Revolution of Flexible Shaft rpm 12000-13000

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