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Tomori Industrial Ice Machine

Containerized Block Ice Machine

Indotara Industrial Machines Series

Tomori Industrial Ice Machine

Tomori Industrial Ice Machine


  • Convenient transportation and installation, no need to build a room for the container and machine.
  • Self-contained condensing unit is pre-piped and wired.
  • New ISO container equipped with lighting and drainage system.
  • Corrugated alumunium floors, skid & wearing resistant.
  • Cost-saving. simple maintenance long service life.

The whole container is specially trated and reinforced. It is also a perfect protection from physical impact to the machine and keeps the dust outside.
Both brine system and direct system can be installed in the 20 or 40 feet container.

Technical Parameter for Containerized Direct Refrigeration Block Ice Machine

Model Daily Capacity Refrigerant Electricity Consumption Operating Weight Size (L*W*H) mm
20 Feet Container
TMB-10CD 1T R22/R404A 6.0kw 960kg 6058×2438×2591mm
TMB-30CD 3T R22/R404A 14.0kw 2180kg 6058×2438×2591mm
TMB-50CD 5T R22/R404A 20.9kw 3820kg 6058×2438×2591mm
40 Feet Container
TMB-100CD 10T R22/R404A 33.9kw 7400kg 12192×2438×2895mm
TMB-150CD 15T R22/R404A 52.4kw 10740kg 12192×2438×2895mm
TMB-180CD 18T R22/R404A 55.1kw 12000kg 12192×2438×2895mm

Technical Parameter for Containerized Brine Refrigeration Block Ice Machine

Model Daily Capacity Refrigerant Electricity Consumption Operating Weight Size (L*W*H) mm
20 Feet Container
TMB-10CB 1T R22/R404A 6.0kw 960kg 6058×2438×2591mm
TMB-30CB 3T R22/R404A 14.0kw 2180kg 6058×2438×2591mm
TMB-50CB 5T R22/R404A 20.9kw 3820kg 6058×2438×2591mm
40 Feet Container
TMB-100CB 8T R22/R404A 30.79kw 5600kg 12192×2438×2895mm
TMB-150CB 10T R22/R404A 33.98kw 7400kg 12192×2438×2895mm
TMB-180CB 12.5T R22/R404A 36.0kw 8500kg 12192×2438×2895mm
  • Max capacity of brine system in 20'GP models: 5ton/day
  • Max capacity of brine system in 40'HQ models: 12.5Ton/day
  • Standard condition: Dry bulb temperature is 33C and inlet water temperature is 20C
  • The given parameter is subejct to be changed without further notice due to technical upgradeing and innovation. For more accurate data, please refer to our engineering and sales group.

Tomori Industrial Ice Machine

Containerized Block Ice Machines Video

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National & Multinational Company using TOMORI Refrigerating :

  • Carrefour Indonesia
  • Supermarket Giant
  • Unilever Indonesia
  • Hypermart Supermarket
  • Rumah Sakit Siloam
  • RSUD Cengkareng
  • RSUD Tangerang
  • RS Grha Kedoya
  • RS Pondok Indah
  • RSUD Palembang
  • RS PIK
  • RS Medistra
  • Rumah Sakit Pluit
  • Departemen Pertanian
  • Departemen Perikanan & Kelautan
  • Masjid Istiqlal Jakarta
  • PT. Pfizer Indonesia
  • PT. Kimia Farma
  • PT. Sanbe Farma
  • PT. Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari
  • PT. Phytesindo Biotek
  • PT. Indo Pharma
  • PT. Merck Indonesia
  • PT. Novartis Indonesia
  • Indomaret Minimarket
  • Alfamart Minimarket
  • Ranch Market
  • Supermarket Lion Superindo
  • Restaurant McDonald
  • Toko Buah Rejeki
  • Restaurant Parai Tenggiri
  • Hotel Ritz Carlton
  • Hotel Aston
  • Hotel Novotel
  • Hotel Furama
  • Hotel Amaris
  • Hotel Ciputra
  • Hotel Ibis
  • Hotel Grand Kemang
  • Hotel Royal Ambarukmo
  • Hotel Santika
  • Hotel Holiday Inn
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Bread Life
  • Star Bucks
  • JCO Donuts
  • Holland Bakery
  • Bread Talk
  • PT. Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia
  • PT. Sinar Sosro
  • PT. Aqua Golden Mississipi (Aqua)
  • PT. Aneka Tuna
  • Restaurant Solaria
  • Restaurant May Star
  • Restaurant Penang
  • Restaurant Sushi Tei
  • Restaurant Central
  • Restaurant Red Bean
  • Restaurant Ta Wan
  • Es Teller 77
  • Restaurant Angke
  • RM Padang Sederhana
  • Pizza Hut
  • Domino Pizza
  • KFC Indonesia
  • Hoka Hoka Bento
  • Rice Bowl
  • De Cost
  • RM Sederhana Bintaro
  • Pelelangan Ikan Muara Baru
  • Pelelangan Ikan Manado
  • Pelelangan Ikan Makassar
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