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Jual Stabilizer 800 KVA Automatic - NCX Contactless 3 Phase Series

Model : NCX-800
Capacity : 800Kva
Rated Current : 1215A
Input Voltage : 266 - 494V
Output Voltage : 380V
Phases : 3 Phases
Voltage Accuracy : ±2%
Frequency : 50/60Hz
Noise : 50dB
Response Time : < 40ms
Source Volt. Effect : < ±0.5%
Output Waveform : No distortion
Efficiency : > 98%
Temp. Rise : < 80°C (full-load)
Ambient Temp. : -15°C ~ +45°C
Relative Humidity : < 90%
Altitude : < 1000m
Ins. Resistance : ≥ 2MΩ
Ins. Strength : 2000V/1min
Index of Protection : IP20
Exterior Color : RAL 7035
Weight : 1820 Kg
Dimension (mm) : 1000 x 1000 x 2200
Double Cabinets
Warranty : 5 Year
BEST PRICE : Rp. 727.864.000,-
* The Price are Exclude PPn 11%

AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) or so-called voltage stabilizer functions as a voltage regulator that is stable in the range specified standard voltage, for example 220V or 380V. AVR Arakawa FS type is the type of AVR with servo motor drive (motion AVR). Voltage Stabilizer Arakawa capable responds well to changes in voltage with a response time of <1 second. Besides voltage stabilizer Arakawa also has a high efficiency >90% so there is a lot of energy wasted in connection with regulating the activity. Type FS has a duty rating is good and can work continuous (continuous) in the long term so that you do not have to worry about overheating or drop this AVR. Voltage regulator FS with a 5-year warranty period is AVR products with the longest warranty period in Indonesia. This is to ensure the product quality assurance Arakawa Client2 best for us.


  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator High Accuracy Output Voltage

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa is AVR with accuracy voltage best at the present time.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator Smart Digital Controller

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa easily operated with digital kontroller with all the interactive menu.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator Smart Micro Processor Controller

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa with a smart microprocessor controller for performance and high efficiency.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator Turbo Fan Cooler

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa using turbo fan cooler to exhaust heat optimal.

  • Arakawa PDX Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 225Kva

    Stabilizer AVR Arakawa PDX is industrial grade power high resistance.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator 98 Percent efficiency

    Stabilizer AVR Arakawa is AVR with best efficiency above 98% of the best in the market.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator Castor Wheeled

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa with caster wheels to be easily moved wherever you want.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator Contactless AVR Technology

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa with latest technology contactless being patented arakawa.

  • Arakawa UPS Genset Friendly

    AVR Stabilizers Arakawa having range voltage & great frequency and friendly generator.

  • Arakawa UPS AVR Function

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa to function regulating automatically for under / over voltage.

  • Arakawa voltage stabilizer FS 2KVA Wide Voltage Tolerance

    AVR Stabilizers Arakawa that span voltage wide 160 - 250V very flexible.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator FS High Efficiency

    AVR Stabilizer Arakawa efficiency high that the resources which needed very small.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator FS 5 years warranty

    AVR Stabilizers Arakawa is a stabilizer give warranty a maximum : 5 years.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator FS Fine copper transformer

    AVR Stabilizers Arakawa with transformers in the made of copper high quality.

  • Arakawa UPS Temperature Control

    AVR Stabilizers Arakawa capable of being employed by produce heat by is minimal.

  • Arakawa Automatic Voltage Regulator FS adapted to Indonesia electricity

    AVR Stabilizers Arakawa has been set with pln so that we can work with maximum.

Carilah yang : tahan lama, output voltage stabil, bergaransi lama, suku cadang terjamin, after sales terjamin.
Sebuah stabilizer harus bisa dipakai terus menerus karena didukung oleh penujual yang bertanggung jawab.

Arakawa Stabilizer are suitable for home, store, office, factory, hospital, data center, supermarket, gas station, telecommunication, airport, banking, container port, etc. Arakawa are customable from 10% to 50% voltage range.

Arakawa Fiture Broadcast & Telecom
Broadcast & Telecom
Arakawa Fiture Hospital Medical
Hospital / Medical
Arakawa Fiture Power & Petrochemical
Power & Petrochemical
Arakawa Fiture Public Services
Public Service
Fiture Arakawa Industrial
Fiture Arakawa Commercials
Fiture Arakawa Data Center
Data Center
Fiture Arakawa Military & Defense
Military & Defense
Fiture Arakawa Airport
Fiture Arakawa Banking
Fiture Arakawa Laboratory
Fiture Arakawa Container Port
Container Port
Fiture Arakawa Vessel
Fiture Arakawa Mining
Fiture Arakawa Cold Storage
Cold Storage
Fiture Arakawa Exhibition Center
Exhibition Center

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