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Wine & Food Pairing

Wine & Food Match

Wine and Cheese Pairing

Wine & Cheese Pairing Wine and cheese have been paired together for centuries, but—let’s face it—not every wine goes with every cheese. Cabernet Sauvignon with fresh chèvre or Pinot Gris with Limburger? Perhaps not. But just because some wines and cheeses smack each other in the face, that doesn’t mean your pairings have to be boring. With a little know-how, you can be a bit more daring with your pairings. Check out these classic matches—and modern variations—on pairing wine with cheese. ...... Read More


Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Chocholate & wine pairingSome say it can’t be done, pairing wine with chocolate, but if you choose the right wine to complement the right chocolate it can be a remarkable pairing opportunity. Whether you are pairing the sometimes subtle, creamy nuances of a delicate white chocolate or the lively bold tones of dark chocolate with a favorite wine, there are a few pairing tips to keep in mind.
Chocolate actually has very intense flavors—it’s chocolaty, of course, but it’s often simultaneously sweet, bitter, acidic and fruity. That means that a wine, especially a dry table wine as opposed to a sweet dessert wine, needs to be similarly intense if it’s going to pair well with chocolate. A light red or a white wine won’t taste like anything after a bite of a good quality chocolate bar.
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Wine and Food Matching Guidelines

Wine & food pairing
  1. Consider the weight of the wine with the weight of the food.
  • Rich and heavyweight foods such as red meat dishes need full-bodied wines
  • Lightweight foods such as poultry and fish need light-bodied wines
  1. Consider how the food is prepared and its flavor intensity.
  • Wines and foods with similar flavor characteristics make good combinations
  • Match the wine to the sauce if the sauce is the dominant flavor of the dish
  1. Wines generally go well with the foods from the same region.
  2. High acid wines complement fatty foods.
  3. Salty foods can be enhanced and balanced by sweeter wines.
  4. The more texture the food has, the more tannin you need in the wine.
  5. The wine served should be at least or sweeter than the food that is served.