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Masterpac Compaction Equipment

Jual Pemotong Rel Lurus Rail Saw - Masterpac

  • Foldable legs.
  • 45"& 90"stops with fine adjustments & locking.
  • Easy plunge cut by locking cutting head on rail.
  • Super-rigid box frame ensures straight cuts while resisting warping and vibration prolongs saw life; extends blade life.
  • PST70-portable wet tile saw.
  • Rubber matted cutting table, fast drainage.
  • Easy crank for raising/lowering cutting depth.
  • PST80/PST100/PST120-Industrial stone saw with heavy-duty design and friendly sawing operation.
  • Saw position guide helps ensure straight cuts.
  • Intergrated aluminum rail with steel guide bar.
  • Robust guiding system.

Product Detail

Technical Specification

Model PST70 PST80
Blade mm Max. 230 350
Arbor mm 25.4/90 25.4/90
Cutting Length mm  Straight 700 800
Cutting Depth mm  Standard 55 101
Motor 230V/50HZ  115V/60HZ 1.28KW, 2800rpm 2.2KW, 2800rpm
1-1/2HP, 3450rpm 1-1/2HP, 3450rpm
Cutting Table mm L×W 860×435 950×520
Saw Full Size mm L×W×H 1285×700×1235 1485×780×1590
Saw Weight kgs  (w/o Blade) 54 95
Shipping Weight kgs  (w/o Blade) 66.5 115

Model PST100 PST120
Blade mm Max. 230 350
Arbor mm 25.4/90 25.4/90
Cutting Length mm  Straight 1000 1200
Cutting Depth mm  Standard 103.5 103.5
Motor 230V/50HZ  115V/60HZ 2.2KW, 2800rpm 2.2KW, 2800rpm
1-1/2HP, 3450rpm 1-1/2HP, 3450rpm
Cutting Table mm L×W 1150×520 1350×520
Saw Full Size mm L×W×H 1570×780×1540 1700×780×1540
Saw Weight kgs  (w/o Blade) 115 135
Shipping Weight kgs  (w/o Blade) 140 170
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