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Tomori Block Ice Machine


Tomori block ice machine with new Germany technology ensures evaporator a faster and better refrigerating performance. Modular shape, featuring of plyg-and-play ready system especially for tropical and coastal environment design.


Block ice has a big advantage, in comparison to other forms of ice in tropical countries. Storage, handling and tranport can all be simplified if the ice is in the form of large blocks; simplification is often obligatory in small-scale fisheries and in relatively remote areas. Moreover, under the same condition, block ice has the longest storage period. Tomori offers both transparent and milky white ice for your reference. The transparent ice is usually used in ice carving.

Direct System Block Ice Machine

Direct System Block Ice Machine

Modular System
Capacity : 0.5 to 30T per day
Refrigerant : R22 or R404A
Alluminum Ice Casting Can
Food Grade Ice

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Brine System Block Ice Machine

Brine System Block Ice Machine

Brine System
Capacity : 5 to 30T per day
Refrigerant : R22 or R404A
Stainless Steel Ice Casting Can
Crystal Ice Capability
Food Grade Ice

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Containerized Block Ice Machine

Containerized Block Ice Machine

Brine System
Direct System
40 Feet Container
20 Feet Container

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Carrefour Indonesia
Supermarket Giant
Unilever Indonesia
Hypermart Supermarket
Rumah Sakit Siloam
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RS Grha Kedoya
RS Pondok Indah
RSUD Palembang
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Departemen Pertanian
Departemen Perikanan & Kelautan               
Masjid Istiqlal Jakarta
PT. Pfizer Indonesia
PT. Kimia Farma
PT. Sanbe Farma
PT. Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari
PT. Phytesindo Biotek
PT. Indo Pharma
PT. Merck Indonesia
PT. Novartis Indonesia
Indomaret Minimarket
Alfamart Minimarket
Ranch Market
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Restaurant McDonald
Toko Buah Rejeki
Restaurant Parai Tenggiri                     
Hotel Ritz Carlton
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Holland Bakery
Bread Talk
PT. Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia
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PT. Aqua Golden Mississipi (Aqua)
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Restaurant Solaria
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Pizza Hut
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