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Jual Kompresor - Araki 10 - 470 HP rotary screw air compressor offering the best design that proven and time with sophisticated feature to ensure the durability at the highest level, efficiency and productivity.
Jual Screw Compressor
Araki Heavy Duty Air Dryer deliver clean dry air exactly where needed. They offer a compact, lightweight, simple plug & play installation and virtually free maintenance operation, reduce downtime and Cost.
Air Dryer
Shigemitsu is one of best company in electric piston air compressor equipment. Shigemitsu is the name of premium line of air compressors with 3 Years Warranty. We provide complete spareparts for after sales.
Piston Compressor
High technology industries demand higher quality air. To meet the exacting standards of industry We  has developed an outstanding range of Oil-free machines O series. Not only are they Oil-free, but no oil at all.
Oil Free Compressor
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Araki Air Management Diagram

Araki Air Management Diagram

Araki is the leader in the design, manufacture, installation and service of innovative compressor technologies for a diverse range of industries. From manufacturing to construction, mining to pharmaceuticals, our compressors work hard to increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and decrease cost of ownership for compressed air users across the globe.

Araki has been in business since decades, with a long history of experience in manufacturing air compressors. Today we provide compressors to meet a wide range of customer requirements – from small, stand-alone compressors, to complete compressed air systems including compressor sequencers, remote monitoring, air treatment and other ancillary equipment.

Air Dryer

One type of air dryer that is most widely used is the type of Refrigerant air dryer. Indotara sells this refrigeration air dryer in both Araki and Shigemitsu brands. This type of air dryer is very often used than other types of air dryers. The principle of how this air dryer works is by lowering the temperature of the air coming out of the air storage tank (air tank).

Sales of this Air Dryer Refrigeration has a system that generally uses 2 heat exchangers, the first is between the air chiller and refrigerant, and the second is between the air that is dried with air chiller. This working principle is in accordance with the nature of water vapor which will condense at low temperatures. The resulting dry air generally has a dew point of 2-10 degrees Celsius.

Indotara Air Management
Indotara Air Management

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