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Electric Stacker

Jual Electric Stacker KTK15 - Shigemitsu

Electric Stacker KTK15
Electric Stacker Specs

Model : KTK15
  Load Capacity   Q (kg) 1500 
  Load Centre   c (mm) 600 
  Load Distance, centre of drive axle to fork   x (mm) 677 
  Fork height, lowered   h13 (mm) 70 
  Tyre size, front   (mm) Φ 250 x 70 
  Tyre size, rear   (mm) Φ 80 x 84 
  Additional wheels (dimensions)   (mm) Φ 150 x 60 
  Wheels, number front rear  (x=driven wheels)   1x+2/4 
  Height, mast lowered   h1 (mm) 1805/2055/2205/2305/2120/2280/2480 
  Free lift (option 2500~3500mm)   h2 (mm) 1300/1550/1700/1800/1570/1740/1940 
  Max. Lift height   h3 (mm) 2500/3000/3300/3500/4500/5000/5600 
  Height, mast extended   h4 (mm) 3025/3525/3825/4025/5080/5560/6160 
  Initial lift   h14 (mm) 1150/1450 
  Overall length   I1 (mm) 2020/2100 
  Length to face of forks   I2 (mm) 962 
  Overall width   b1 (mm) 1170-1560 
  Fork dimensions   s/e/I (mm) 35/100/1070 (1150) 
  Width overall forks   b5 (mm) 200-800 
  Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthways   Ast (mm) 2545 
  Turning radius   Wa (mm) 1695 
  Travel speed, laden/ unladen   (Km/h) 6.5/6.7 
  Lift speed, laden/ unladen   (m/s) 0-0.12/0-0.19 
  Lowering speed, laden/ unladen   (m/s) 0-0.35/0-0.12 
  Battery voltage, nominal capacity K5   (V/Ah) 24/300 
  Battery weight   (kg) 260 
  Battery dimensions I/w/h   (mm) 675x254x500 
  Service weight (weight battery)   (kg) 1260/1285/1300/1310/1360/1380/1400 

AC Motor eliminates replacement of carbon brush.
Multi-function display with BDI and hour meter.
Side way battery is easy to maintain.
Damping cushion for low-noise operation.
Emergency reversing device in the handle provides higher safety for the whole operation.
Auto decelaration function makes operation more safely.
Built-in pressure relief valve protects the trucks from overloads, increases the reliability.
Breaking applied with handle upright and horizontal position, increasing the safety of the truck.
Emergency power disconnect switch.
Turtle low speed switch.
Steplees speed control.
Low center of gravity ensures the stable operation.
Vertical driving wheel ensures conveient maintenance and small turning radius. Water-proof and dust-proof motor structure, keeps the braking and motor more durable and reliable.
The mast and the frame are dividable and exchangeable.


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