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Electric Reach Truck

Jual Electric Reach Truck NQ20H - Shigemitsu

Electric Reach Truck NQ20H
Electric Reach Truck Specs

Price list
 NQ20  AC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 3.0M
Rp. 614.431.000-,
 NQ20  AC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 3.5M
Rp. 621.768.000-,
 NQ20  AC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 4.0M
Rp. 629.119.000-,
 NQ20  AC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 5.0M
Rp. 647.175.000-,
 NQ20  AC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 6.2M
Rp. 658.351.000-,
 NQ20  AC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 7.4M
Rp. 669.540.000-,
 NQ20H  AC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 8.0M
Rp. 689.190.000-,
 NQ20H  AC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 8.6M
Rp. 722.744.000-,
 NQ20H  AC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 9.5M
Rp. 756.611.000-,
 NQ20H  AC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 10.2M
Rp. 904.550.000-,
 NQ20H  AC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 11.1M
Rp. 915.725.000-,
 NQ20H  AC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 12.0M
Rp. 924.981.000-,
 NQ20  DC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 3.0M
Rp. 451.948.000-,
 NQ20  DC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 3.5M
Rp. 459.469.000-,
 NQ20  DC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 4.0M
Rp. 467.289.000-,
 NQ20  DC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 5.0M
Rp. 507.384.000-,
 NQ20  DC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 6.2M
Rp. 522.668.000-
 NQ20  DC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 7.4M
Rp. 539.659.000-,
 NQ20  DC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 8.0M
Rp. 566.488.000-,
 NQ20  DC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 8.6M
Rp. 616.024.000-,
 NQ20  DC - Mast Tilt - 2.0T, 9.5M
Rp. 673.536.000-,
 * Harga diatas sudah termasuk PPn
* Gratis ongkir untuk Jabodetabek, Surabaya, Medan & Bandung

Model : NQ20H
   Capacity/ rated load Q (mm) 2000
   Max Lift height h3 (mm) 8000
   Load centre distane c (mm) 500
   Drive wheel (mm) Φ 406x152
   Fork wheel (mm)
Φ 340x134
   Wheels, number front rear (x=driven wheels)  
   Tilt of mask/ fork carriage forward/ backward α , β (Grad) 3,5(forks)
   Height, mast lowered H1 (mm) 3390
   Free lift H2 (mm) 2700
   Height, mast extended H4 (mm) 8800
   Height of overhead guard (cabin) H6 (mm) 2200
   Seat height/ stand height H7 (mm) 1068
   Height of crura h8 (mm) 270
   Overall length I1 (mm)
   Length (barring fork) I2 (mm)
   Overall width b1 (mm)
   Fork dimension s/e/l (mm) 40/120/1070
   Reach distance I4 (mm) 600
   Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crossways Ast (mm) 2880
   Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthways Ast (mm) 2930
   Turning radius Wa (mm) 1820
   Travel speed, laden/ unladen (Km/h) 8/8.3
   Lift speed, laden/ unladen (m/s) 0.19/0.2
   Lowering speed, laden/ unladen (m/s) 0.5/0.4
   Battery voltage, nominal capacity K5 V/Ah 48/500
   Battery weight (Kg)
   Battery dimension I/w/h (m) 1220x344x727
   Service weight (Kg) 4100

The large and strong chassis ensures sufficient stability of the forklift.
The max lifting height can reach 9.5 metres.
Use "H" type mast steel is imported from germany enhance the use time and stability.
Large and cmfortable compartment with adjustable seat reflects a concept of ergonomic design.
Use double controllers to realize stepless speed regulation of both lifting and traveling.
Have safety travelling speed limited device in the mast Travelling speed will automatic lowering when forks height is up 5M.
Full hydraulic steering system makes turning easy and flexible.
Adopts hydraulic brake for two front wheel and electric brake for electric brake for driving motor, offer simple operation for travelling and braking.
Integrated design of driving and steering system without chain transmission, resolve the problems of chain fall-off caused by chain transmission.
Battery changing offers two type methods :
1. Side way battery changing by a trolley.
2. Automatic push-out and pull-in function by a simple battery handle controller.
Bolt fixed back cover is easy to open for daily maintenance.
Joystick hydraulic controller.
LCD display and camera (LCD for cold storage are available).
Height selection and height position system.
Ex explosion proof type.

Optional of LCD display and camera for high level operation. Double controllers with CANbus communication to oil tube and wire.


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