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Masterpac Compaction Equipment

Jual Hydraulic Reversible Plate Compactor 350kg-500kg - Masterpac

  • Hydraulic adjustment control lever for easy direction change.
  • User friendly isolated vibration handles.
  • Fully sealed lubricated wear resistant Cast iron vibrator assembly.
  • On the spot compaction for problem areas.
  • Handles Folds to 90 degree position for ease of transportation.
  • Infinitely variable hydrostic forward and reseverse motion.
  • Reverse travel safety protection ensure the plate automatically reverts to slow forward travel if the operator releases the travel control lever while reversing..
  • Impact–resistant and open self cleaning base plate.
  • Unique built -in transport wheels provides easy transportation.
  • Convenience Oil drain hose.
  • Robust design sealed belt cover for clutch and belt protection.
  • Electric starter is as option for Lombardini diesel engine.
  • Heavy-duty roll cage with lifting eye protect against dirt and damaging and for easy operation.

Product Detail

Working Size (mm)

Model A B C D
PCR6037 Series 1440 1035 800 600
PCR6040 Series 1540 1047 900 600
PCR6550 Series 1540 1047 900 655
PCR7060 Series 1585 1040 900 708
PCR8010 Series 2145 1196 1150 800

Technical Specification

Model PCR6037H PCR6037A
Engine Type Honda GX270 Hatz 1B30
Power kw(hp) 6.6(9.0) 5.4(7.3)
Weight kg(lb) 275(606) 290(640)
Plate Size L×W cm(in) 80×60(31×24)
Centrifugal Force kN 37
Vibration Frequency vpm(Hz) 4140(69)
Travel Speed m/min(ft/min) 20-24(66-79)

Model PCR6040H PCR6040L PCR6040A
Engine Type Honda GX270 Lombardini 15LD440 Hatz 1B40
Power kw(hp) 6.6(9.0) 8.1(11) 7.5(10.2)
Weight kg(lb) 355(783) 375(825) 378(833)
Plate Size L×W cm(in) 90×60(35×24)
Centrifugal Force kN 40
Vibration Frequency vpm(Hz) 4140(69)
Travel Speed m/min(ft/min) 20-24(66-79)

Model PCR6550H PCR6550L PCR6550A
Engine Type Honda GX390 Lombardini 15LD440 Hatz 1B40
Power kw(hp) 9.6(13.0) 8.1(11) 7.5(10.2)
Weight kg(lb) 396(873) 410(904) 413(911)
Plate Size L×W cm(in) 90×65(35×26)
Centrifugal Force kN 50
Vibration Frequency vpm(Hz) 4140(69)
Travel Speed m/min(ft/min) 20-25(66-82)

Model PCR7060L PCR7060A
Engine Type Lombardini 15LD440 Hatz 1B40
Power kw(hp) 8.1(11) 7.5(10.2)
Weight kg(lb) 465(1025) 468(1032)
Plate Size L×W cm(in) 90×70(35×28)
Centrifugal Force kN 60
Vibration Frequency vpm(Hz) 4140(69)
Travel Speed m/min(ft/min) 20-25(66-82)

Model PCR8010
Engine Type Lombardini KD477-2
Power kw(hp) 17(23)
Weight kg(lb) 750(1653)
Plate Size L×W cm(in) 80×115(31×45)
Centrifugal Force kN 100
Vibration Frequency vpm(Hz) 3360(56)
Travel Speed m/min(ft/min) 24-27(79-89)

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