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Verkronn, as the global leader, is the professional manufacturer and service provider of the electric hoist, which inherits German advanced product design concept, perfect technological process and strict quality management and si committed to providing the products with first-class quality, leading performance and higher cost performance.


jual electric hoist SMO samsung


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Model : VCE03-1S
Capacity : 3 Ton
Lifting Height : 3m - 25m
Hoisting Speed : 1.0m/4.0min
FEM Work
: 1Bm/2m
Lifting Power
: 380V/48V/50Hz
Power : 0.18/0.75
ISO : 1Am
Hoist Type
: VC 100
Number Of Fall
: 1
Product Advantages : Fully Enclosed Body
:  Simple Design
:  Alumunium Shell
:  Efficient Motor
:  Efficient Transmission
:  Easy Operation
:  Maintenance Free
Warranty : 3 Years

SMO Series 1 Phase
Technical Dimension

Content Manufacturing Standard Verkronn
Manufacturing According to High International Standard
Since VC electric chain hoists werw launched, it has been unanimously approved by the crane manufacturer and the end customer based on its excellent quality, good performance, most competitive prices, and it has rapidly become the first choice for customers to purchase light and medium load lifting handling equipment.
The product inherits advanced design concepts of Germany, such as compact structure, reliable performance, durability, wide applications of VC series electric chain hoist. VC chain hoist is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with European FEM, EN and Germany DIN standard, and it meets ISO, JB and other standards.

Content Manufacturing Standard Verkronn

Load Capacity (Kg) FEM/ISO Hoist Type Power (KW) Speed (M/Min) Number of falls
50 3m VC1 005 108 0.09/0.3 2.0/8.0 1
125 3m VC1 012 108 0.09/0.3 2.0/8.0 1
250 3m VC1 025 108 0.18/0.75 2.0/8.0 1
500 3m VC1 050 204 0.18/0.75 1.0/4.0 2
500 1Am VC1 050 108 0.18/0.75 2.0/8.0 1
500 2m VC2 050 108 0.22/0.9 2.0/8.0 1
1000 1Am VC1 050 204 0.18/0.75 1.0/4.0 2
1000 1Am VC2 100 108 0.45/1.9 2.0/8.0 1
1000 3m VC3 100 110 0.45/1.8 2.5/10.0 1
2000 1Am VC2 200 204 0.45/1.9 1.0/4.0 2
2000 3m VC3 200 205 0.45/1.8 1.25/5.0 2
2500 2m VC6 320 108 1.1/4.4 2.0/8.0 1
3000 2m vc3 300 205 0.45/1.8 0.45/1.8 2
3200 1Bm VC6 320 108 1.1/4.4 2.0/8.0 1

Electric Chain Hoists
VC Series Features

Standarized and humanized design can improve operating performance as well as can significantly reduce maintenance costs. The main parts of VC electric chain hoist are adopted maintenance-free design, and it is no need to be replaced, but only routine maintenance, when using according to safety specification.

Lifting Motor
Light weight and small volume of high performance motor. Roating speed can be up to 3000 r.p.m. High starting torque and high energy efficiency.
Overload Clutch
Integrated in the drive gear shaft. Overload protection function can keep torque up to 1.4 times of safe load. Maintenance free design, adjustable overload torque.
Reduction Gears
Hardened gear surface processing, heat treatment after gear grinding, Grade 7 precision of gears or even higher. Perfect meshing and efficient transmission.
Lifting brake
Brake disc with maintenance-free design, can automatically adjust brake clearance, with capacity to operate one million times in normal use.
Electrical Connector
Connectors with alumunium standard prevent mis connection and bobble. 10-core connector can make it easier for control and power supply.
Chain Mechanism
Leading chain wheel with five sockets design, and surface hardening treatment. Smoother and quieter leading chain. Itcan meet the harsh working environment.
Die-casting high-strength alloy is integrally molded, with corrosion resistance and good sealing. Special suspension design, to avoid box from load force.
Carburizing chain of special high strength alloy steel. Surface with galvanization treatment. Abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant. High safety factor.

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