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Jual Hoist Monorail Creep Speed - Hoist seri ini kuat dan aman digunakan, didasarkan pada teknologi dan pengalaman yang terakumulasi selama puluhan tahun dari berbagai perbaikan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan hoisting efektif untuk peralatan handling diperusahaan anda.


jual electric hoist SMO samsung jual electric hoist SMO samsung


Rp. 79.919.000,- / (6Meter)
Rp. 96.931.000,- / (12Meter)
*Price Include Tax
*Price Include Delivery Jabodetabek, Surabaya, Medan & Bandung.
Model : V-01-LN
Capacity : 1 Ton
Lifting Height : 6m~12m
High Hoisting Speed : 11m/min (50Hz)
: 13m/min (60Hz)
Low Hoisting Speed : 7m/min (50Hz)
: 8.5m/min (60Hz)
Creep Speed
: 1.1m/min (50Hz)

: 1.3m/min (60Hz)
High Speed Motor : 0.26Kw x 4P
Low Speed Motor : 0.13Kw x 8P
Creep Motor
: 0.6Kw x 4P
Wire Rope Construction
: 6 x 36
Dia (mm) no. of ropes
:Φ 8 x 2
Net. Weight : 265 Kgs
Warranty : 3 Years
Origin : Made In Korea

Monorail Creep Speed
Technical Dimension

Dimension LGM Hoist
Legend A B C E F J N
Dimension (Approx.) (mm) 411 627 390 140 140 345 735
I-beam (traverse rail) application guide :
I-Beam and Spacing (mm) a x b x t D S T U
150 x 75 x 7.5 360 33 24 139
200 x 100 x 7 372 33 48 140
250 x 125 x 7.5 385 30 75 142

LGM Wire Ripe Hoist
Key Features

  • LGM hoist 3 years warranty

    LG Hoist with warranty 3 years giving guarantees the best performance for you.

  • LGM Hoist Overload Protector Device

    LG Hoist is the only hoist with overload protector to prevent the risk overloaded lift.

  • LGM Hoist Auto Adjust Brake System

    On the hoist brake system LG is able to perform adjusting by auto so that maximum brake.

  • LGM Hoist High Torque Electric Motor

    LG hoist use high torque induction motors for power Strong and fast.

  • LGM 2 step limit switch

    LG hoist using 2 For step safety limit switch improve security limit switch STOP to hook.

  • LGM Hoist Totally Enclosed Traverse Gearbox

    LG hoist use gearbox traversing closed to keep it lubricated and not polluted by sewage.

  • LGM Hoist Simplified Gearbox

    LG Hoist with gearbox simplified to maximize performance gearbox.

  • LGM Hoist Forged Steel Hook

    LG Hoist with full forged alloy steel hook so the hook absolutely rigid and reliable long-term.

  • LGM Finite Element Analysis Frame

    LG Construction Hoist designed with Finite Element Method for maximum strength.

  • LGM Hoist Low Operating Costs

    LG Hoist is hoist with Low operating costs because of the reliability and technological advantage.

  • LGM Hoist Ultra Durable for all Applications

    LG hoist is a hoist that ultra reliable for all applications, working day night with maximum.

  • LG Hoist Original Electrical panel

    LG Hoist with electrical panel original, not assembled local. original components The factory LG Korea.

  • LGM Hoist Lifetime Warranty Pendant Cable

    LG Hoist with pendant Anti-breaking special cable. Guaranteed lifetime the cable will not be broken.

  • LGM Hoist Non Asbestos Durable Brake Disk

    LG Hoist with brake non asbestos highly durable and non-toxic safe for humans.

  • LGM Hoist Open Design Easy to Maintenance

    LG Hoist with design open and simple so it is very easy for maintenance.

  • LGM Hoist Emergency Stop Push Button

    LG Hoist is equipped with emergency stop push button for safety. Hoist safety button.

Applications on Crane Construction

  • LGM wire rope hoist  for application crane type of suspension / Underhung.

  • LGM wire rope hoist for application type of top running overhead crane.

  • LGM wire rope hoist for application type of semi gantry cranes.

  • LGM wire rope hoist for application crane type of monorail / single rail.

  • LGM wire rope hoist for application Jib crane types / Pillar Crane.

  • LGM wire rope hoist for application single girder gantry crane.

Applications on Industries & Commercials
LGM Wire Rope Hoist widely used in various types of industrial, commercial, military, commercial etc. With a population base large customers in various fields of Samsung hoist is the first choice of users who understand hoist best quality and long-term thinking. Samsung Hoist commonly used in industry for example, factories, workshops, warehouses, etc. Samsung hoist normally used to support the construction of the monorail, overhead cranes, semi-gantry cranes, gantry cranes and jib / crane pillar.
  • Industrial

  • Warehouses/Logistics

  • Civil Works

  • Military & Defense

  • Mining

  • Public Services

  • Powerplant

  • Petrochemical

  • Trash Control

  • Agriculture

  • Oil & Gas

  • Workshop

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